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Men Raised By Women: What He Won't Tell Mom

by John P Dennis (Author), Roq Savage (Photographer), Wayne L Wilson (Contributor)

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Men Raised By Women

I Protest:A History Of Peaceful Protest

Voices For Peace Wayne L. Wilson, Voices For Civil Rights Wayne L. Wilson

Here is a joyous history of peaceful protests around the world. Release date for books is October 15, 2017.

voice for peace civil rights

Elite Squad

Is an action-packed, intergalactic adventure that follows a group of young teenage ball boys & girls for the NBA who are actually specially trained secret agents called the Elite Squad. Bernard, Alex, Layla, Eric, Nina, and Moe are tasked with an ongoing battle to protect the NBA from alien villains determined to destroy it.

Story by Teko Bernard.
Text by Wayne L. Wilson and Teko Bernard.
voice for peace