Works in Progress


  • One Shining Star

  • Love Beneath An Ivory Sky

  • The Move

  • Spirits in the Dark

  • A Parting Shot

Soul Eyes - Order Book


“To sum it up in a word, “Love.”

Wayne Wilson communicates love in this remarkably written narrative that touches on love through the energy of God, Allah, Yahweh, whatever name you wish to use.

Have you seen the power of love in your life? Have you seen it change a person’s life?

Imagine a love so strong that one person can not accept it alone, that she must share it with the world…

A love so powerful that when shared it can heal the sick and strengthen the weak, so inclusive that all people are drawn to it…

Can you imagine it, can you see it, can you feel it? Well you have just met Olisa, the star character in Soul Eyes….

Well done Mr. Wilson! We look forward to your next literary contribution.”

April 12, 2007